About Us

For more than 20 years, Li cosmetic has been standing for gentle and purely natural cosmetic care products of premium Swiss quality.

All products are developed and made in Switzerland from Organic Herbs, cultivated in Switzerland, too. Marigold, mallow, roses, Indian cress, hop, eyebright, coneflower and others are grown in the Alps and are manually processed by us.

And also the highly effective fruit extracts for our Age & Beauty line specifically designed for rather mature skin are obtained from local fruits such apple, grapes, rose hips, sea buckthorn and currants.

Li cosmetic products come with fine textures, subtle and well-balanced scents and formulas that ensure effective care. Their high tolerability and effectiveness have been proved by dermatological testing.

Our products do not contain any synthetic colorants, scents or preservatives, raw materials made from mineral oil and silicone, dead animal matter, PEG or ethoxyline raw materials or GMO  

Our products do not undergo animal testing. New substances will only be incorporated if they, too, have not been tested on animals (for more information, please turn to www.kosmetik-ohne-tierversuche.ch).

Our name 'Li' means “light” and “clear” - and this is also what our products are meant to impart: the feeling of lightness, well-being and simply relaxed beauty.  

Lotty Aeschbacher-Lanz
Founder of Li cosmetic